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Letter from President

6.11.2018 8:44:35

Dear Members of Euromeetings,

let me briefly inform you about the General Assembly which took place on Saturday October 27, 2018 in Lausanne.

Under the leadership of President Rajne Söderberg we went through all agenda, all reports were presented and approved. With great satisfaction we could report that all members paid their fees for 2018, big thanks for that. We went through the Calendar 2019 and briefly touched the 2020 Calendar. We were also happy to have British meets as our members back after short break.

The Board elections were staged afterwards and all proposals were unanimously accepted. So here is your Board for 2018-2022.

President: Alfons Juck (Ostrava)
Vice-President: Cedric Van Branteghem (Brussels)
Honorary Secretary: Jacky Delapierre (Lausanne) Honorary Treasurer : Jari Salonen (Finland)
Members: Spencer Barden (London/Birmingham), Ivana Brkljacic (Zagreb), Marc Corstjens (Heusden/ Liege), Johan Engberg (Karlstad), Hans Klosterman (Hengelo), Marc Osenberg (Dusseldorf).

Also Ulf Saletti (Stockholm) accepted to continue as our Auditor and Judith Bongard as our Secretary.

Outgoing Rajne Söderberg was accepted as Honorary Life President.

Allow me to express big thanks and gratitude to all members who no longer will be part of the board but I hope will be with us with valuable advice, specially Wilfried Meert, Jean-Pierre Schoebel, Fedde Zwanenburg, Terry McHugh and of course Rajne Söderberg. BIG THANKS GENTLEMEN!

The new board can only promise to you more connection, cooperation, interaction, exchange of knowledge and hopefully much more in the coming years.

We will be shortly back with minutes, reports, calendars.

And one thing already now, please save your date for the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow (March 1-3, 2019) where we would be happy to stage our next meeting with you, all members.

The European Calendar 2019 is available at European Athletics Website :

With best regards, Alfons Juck, President


Euro Meetings Constitution

12.4.2007 13:11:57

Euro Meetings Constitution and Status

4.12.2006 18:46:38

Euro Meetings Constitution

27.6.2006 23:56:11

Euro Meetings Constitution

18.11.2005 3:55:29

Principles for the selection and management of EAA Outdoor Permit meetings

20.2.2005 18:07:59
... applicable for 2005, in force in 2006.
PDF download: principles-EAA-outdoor-permit-meetings.pdf (size: 230 kB)